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If your looking for a truly unique custom tattoo designed, please contact us. We can then arrange a consultation where you can discuss your ideas and suggestions.

If you live further away initial consultation can be done via e-mail or phone call prior to a final face to face meeting.

If you have photographs, drawings or basic designs even if its on a napkin, bring yourself and all your idea's along and we can discuss your new Tattoo, get it on paper and if you love what has been created ...... get it on your skin!

We charge a reasonable £70 per hour for custom work smaller tattoos charged per piece minimum tattoo charge is £25, minimum charge for any work carried out on the face, hands and neck is £50.

Mikee Cue Design Services

Strictly over 18 only no exceptions I. D. will be required as will a £20 deposit for each hour you book so for example a 1hr booking would require a £20 dep a 2hr booking would be a £40 deposit and so on. We only accept cash payments in store but we can accept PayPal if required.

If at any point you realise you do not have enough monies on your persons to pay for your procedure we will ask you to leave something of value until the balance has been paid were upon your property will be returned to you.

All custom designs will be created for you and you alone. Similar designs or themes may be done over time but your Tattoo will never be copied.


Mikee Cue Tattooist Dunfermline

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